Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Oh, what? My apartment isn't on fire? Then why the hell is my smoke detector going off!

Of course the battery dies just as I fall asleep. I was so exhausted that I managed to fall back asleep between chirps. The last time I changed a battery on a smoke detector, just taking the old battery out set off the alarms in the whole complex until I got a new battery in so I was hesitant to change it when I got up. Luckily, the alarms in the rest of the complex didn't go off and I just took the battery out since I couldn't get a new one in. Hmph.

I discovered last night that even though we only have basic TV, we still get E!, Lifetime and the Food Network. Say WHAT!

I'm not eating so great these days, so I dragged my sorry but to the treadmill and got in another 3 miles. Well Nike+ said it was 3 miles, the treadmill said it was 3.5 miles.

The 'workout' room at my new place looks out over the pool/hot tub that's been closed for the last two months. My roommate (Diana) said it was supposed to open Oct. 10, but the dead bolts are still locked. There was an association meeting last night, so hopefully the pool will be open soon.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. hey food network, e and lifetime all great channels!