Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ein Bier, bitte!

One beer, please!

On Saturday Kayla and Joe hosted an Octoberfest party with lots of beer, food, and good people. Just what I wanted after completing my first 10k earlier that day.

Kari and I showed up an hour too early so we helped play with Porter before more guests arrived. We decided he should probably dress up for the occasion so Kari made him a bow tie.

That bow tie only lasted about an hour until Tucker showed up and the two were jumping in and out of piles of leaves. Those darn dogs.

It was a tad chilly, but really a perfect evening to have a fire outside and have some beers.

Joe is a master beer brewer and chef. He had three home brews on tap and a whole pig worth of brats that smoked all afternoon along with some cabbage, pulled chicken (or pork, can't remember), German potato salad and so much other yummyness.

Kayla fine tuned a Pandora station so we could listen to some Polka while enjoying all the deliciousness around. Someone brought spiked cider and it'll be my next go to Fall/Winter drink. Spiced cider and Myers rum, one jug of cider to one bottle rum, a few cinnamon sticks, heat and boom! You have yourself a fine, fine beverage that'll warm you up from the inside out. I suppose the outside in too if you spill on yourself...anyway, everything was so good!

They even had hammerschlagen!

I was not good. Although someone said that there was a hard spot on the log, and that was the side I was on. Really though, I'm just not good at hammering.

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