Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloody Hell

Just got back from the dentist after avoiding them for the last three years. I've never met a hygenist who loved to explain every little thing she was doing and ask so many questions. No wonder I was there for more than two hours! Then they proceeded to make my mouth bleed like whoa. Poking and prodding, practically ripping out my retainers to floss.

So, my weekend was hella busy. It started Friday with a funeral for my cousins grandpa Doug. He was 102! The church was so small, like two rows of 20 pews small, and this is an inner ring suburban church, but it was packed. Doug was such a great man and so many people had such great stories to share. Funerals like that make me want to be a better person to everyone I meet.

I have been under the weather so mom invited me over to drink the left over champagne from the wedding shower the previous weekend and chat. I  spent the night and helped prepare food for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.

Saturday was so much fun! We went to my cousins bachelorette party in Stillwater. We went to the Freighthouse which apparently has a club and is bachelorette party central. We had a ton of grape apes and danced until we couldn't dance no more! At bar close we headed to Perkins and somehow managed to be out until 4:00 AM! Silly thing was that most of the people left at that hour was family and we all had to be at my grandparents anniversary party the next afternoon.

Sunday, well the Vikes won! SKOL! and we celebrated 60 years of marriage. I'm pretty sure the Vikings won to show their respect to my grandparents for being married for that long. There were about 35 family members that were able to come. We had champagne, wine, beer and a whole spread of food. I come from a family that can cook so we ate pretty well. Meatballs, pork sandwiches, stuffed mushrooms, mini egg rolls, shrimp cocktail, fruit skewers, taco plate, veggies, lemon cake and chocolate cake. That side of my family is very large so we don't see everyone too often so it's nice to catch up.

I totally flaked on taking pictures. 1. A funeral is not something I want to capture in picture. 2. I was having too much fun the rest of the weekend.

My apartment building I currently live in. My apartment is one totally covered in vines. I'm going to miss it, but I'm so ready to move next week!

My hood.

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