Monday, September 10, 2012

It's take and bake, and I helped!

The weekends already over?!?! All i did was blink...

It was a pretty laid back yet busy weekend.

Cooler temps have officially rolled in which means I can start wearing boots!

I had a little IKEA date with my mom on Friday night. She swooned me with their Swedish Meatballs and Lingonberry sauce. She had to pick up some items for my cousins wedding shower we are hosting in a couple of weeks. And I had to get some tupperware and a toilet bowl brush.

I spent the rest of Friday evening cleaning my toilet and I got a lot of joy out of that.

I went to bed sans any alcohol and my alarm set for 6:50AM and slept in some of my running clothes so I could literally roll out of bed, lace up my shoes and hit the road. Surprisingly, I did just that and got out for a 4 mile run. My legs felt like lead, but I did it.

I didn't give myself a whole lot of time to get in 4 miles so it forced me to run a lot and hardly walk. Downtown Minneapolis is really pretty and quiet early on a Saturday morning.

After my run I went wedding dress shopping with Bridget and she looked gorgeous! Kari, Bridget and I went to brunch at Key's Cafe, then my cousin Ari picked me up and we went to lunch with my mom, Aunt Kathy, Erin and Kayla at the Happy Gnome.

Have you ever had one of those take and bake pizza's from Papa Murphy's? They are really good. I spent the night at mom and dads since dad was at the cabin and I was going to be spending the day Sunday there anyway. Mom and I picked up a family size pizza with four toppings and scarfed it down with some Cupcake wine. The take and bake is more than a frozen pizza, less than delivery, but so fresh and yummy I would start eating that if we had one downtown.

Sunday mom, Kari and I spent trying a recipe that we are going to make for Ari's shower. It tasted so good that I can't wait for her shower so I can eat more of it. We made a quick stop at Ax Man for some more jars and what not that we need for the shower. This place is just weird.

 If I made drugs, I would spend all my time here. They have all the beakers and syringes a person would ever need.

 And a box of creepy heads.

Let me leave you with a much more cute image than a box of heads.

My precious, bed head, Miley. It was way past her bedtime, but she wanted to try and get my pizza. With a face like that, I had to give her a little.

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