Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get it girl

Hope ya'll had a lovely long weekend. I know I did! Spent the last weekend of the summer at the cabin, and sadly, it's going to be the last time I'll be up there for a couple of months. But, we had the most amazing weather so we were able to really enjoy the last unofficial weekend of summer!

Before I left work to head North, my boss bought me a PowerBall ticket because I was able to upgrade him to first class for $18 more than his original coach ticket! Sadly, I didn't win.

It was a hot walk home and I was suffering from drinking too many martinis the night before so I stopped by Caribou for a jolt of energy. Little did I know it would keep me going late into the night.

The fridge was stocked with the necessities. Don't worry, there is another fridge upstairs with real food in it.

There was a Blue Moon our first night up. Surprisingly, a lot of people didn't know what a Blue Moon was. They thought the moon was literally going to be Blue. In case you don't know, a Blue Moon is the second full moon in the same month.

I woke up each morning to Mr. Buttons flying over the lake. He has a little green and yellow (Packers, yuck!) float plane he keeps on our lake.

We had talked, and talked, and talked about taking down this bird, so I just went after it. After a lot of rocking, and finally neighbor Johnny coming over, we got 'er down!

Neighbor Amanda brought over her Hookah she got while she was serving over seas this past year. I got a little obsessed the first night with it. Then the flavors all just started to taste the same and I got bored.

I managed to get my ass off the lounge chair and went for a short 2.5 mile run. We're in the middle of a road that is about 4 miles long and on either side is a highway. There's no traffic, ever, but there's also no shoulder so I just turned around and called it a day after running one way and back.

If you leave our cabin and go right, you get sand/gravel road. If you leave the cabin and go left, you get a very nice and newly paved road. I opted for the sand/gravel because I don't head that way too often.

Kari took Miley out for a Kayak ride, and she surprisingly loved it. She put her little paws up at the front of the Kayak and let the wind blow through her pretty hair. This little Yorkie is living a life I'm sure not many little Yorkies live. She goes boating, kayaking, I took her on the riding tractor. She lives a good life.

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