Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cafe Maude Loring Park

I am officially a bathroom-picture-taking-how-does-my-outfit-look photo taker.

I wore this outfit to work yesterday after having it planned out in my head for weeks days.

I wore black mid-calf flat boots. I don't usually wear form fitting clothes to work, so part of me felt very stylin, the other half felt like maybe I was a prostitute.

I had a scheduled happy hour that got cancelled so instead I went to dinner a la party of 1 at Cafe Maude in Loring Park. While walking there I got a couple waves from people driving by...pretty sure I didn't know these people and I was wondering if it was a prostitute signal. Like 'Hey, I'm going to wave at you stranger and you're going to meet me in the back ally...' Ok, I know that's not really what it meant, but we may be MN Nice, but really, we aren't. We're more helpful with out of towners by giving suggestions on a great restaurant or directions than we are nice to new people.

Well out of towner, may I suggest you go to Cafe Maude? They have two locations, one in South Minneapolis and a new one in Loring Park. I live by Loring Park and I've always heard good things about Cafe Maude so I thought I'd give it a whirl before I move.

I found a spot at the bar next to an older woman named Curley or Shirley, but she looked like a Curley, so we'll go with that. We talked about the area, local restaurants and what we love about Minneapolis and Loring Park while sipping some happy hour wine.

Curley had to leave because her landlord called and it was past her bed time they were able to open her storage unit, so I ordered their Mac 'n Cheese with bacon. It was A-MAZ-ING!

I've had the Mac 'n Cheese at Joe's Garage (next to Cafe Maude) and Cafe Maude's was so much better. The bartender said even Joe himself admitted Maude's was better!

When the bill came the bartender gave me a book.

This is what they use to give you your check!

Isn't that a great idea!! I will definitely go back to Cafe Maude because the service was friendly and engaging, and the food was delicious!

Since I had a couple glasses of wine at dinner I thought it would be a good idea to continue the night with a bottle of red...

...and some chocolate...

I knew there was a reason I cut back drinking on week nights. I felt horrible all morning and I'm still trying to get the taste of red wine off my tongue. I swear it just soaks right in there.

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