Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bloggers Unite!

One of my favorite things about blogging and the blogging world is how much support is out there. You can pick what you want to read about, what blog is going to motivate you, what blog is going to give you the advice you need.

In the real world, you are constantly battling negative advice and negative people. Even when you are succeeding, people are not always there to support you and encourage you on your journey.

Two of my most favorite blogs are Mama Laughlin and analyze this. Every time one of these amazing women post something, I can totally relate whether it's talking about your self esteem, falling off the work out train or totally sabotaging your diet. They always manage to motivate themselves and me to get my ass back in gear.

Last week I was feeling crappy because I had a serious cramp in my calf that I wasn't able to run. I took a few days off which in turn led me to eat out for lunch every day, go out to dinner and unscheduled happy hours, order Chinese food and pasta with thick creamy sauce. Total sabotage!

I read some blogs, got the needed motivation and did some grocery shopping for some healthy food.

Last nights dinner. Whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce, lightly seasoned chick breast and steamed broccoli. Dessert, a piece of Dove's sea salt caramel dark chocolate.

Today's lunch. Romaine lettuce, left over broccoli, shredded carrots, kidney beans, chicken breast and homemade dressing of balsamic vinegar, olive oil and Dijon mustard seeds. I discovered these pre-cooked, individually packaged chicken breasts at Target last night and I put that on my salad. Super impressed. It's very flavorful and moist.

Don't give me crap about that little piece of chocolate either. I have to start slow. I've been a chocolate addict since I was in the womb and if I don't get a little piece of chocolate after dinner, I go crazy. Like two candy bars crazy.

I'm moving out of downtown and into an 'inner ring' suburb in a couple of weeks so I started to do some purging. First up, shoes!

Lots of sandals, some boots, but mostly horribly uncomfortable strappy sandals that I bought for prom/weddings. Goodbye Ali's closet, hello Goodwill!

Where do you get your motivation from?

What's the best topping for a healthy salad?

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