Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Run/Walk to Irish Fest

While we were in Milwaukee for Irish Fest, we planned to run in the Arthritis Foundation's Run/Walk to Irish Fest 5K. The race took place at the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee along Lake Michigan. Temps had been cooling down from the 90*-100* days we've been having and with the run being along the lake shore, we all thought it would for sure be a nice cool run. WRONG! It was so frickin hot, about 85* and not a cloud in the sky and only about .45 seconds of shade throughout the course.

I have/had been training for this 10K I have coming up in October, so I thought it would be a breeze, again, WRONG! While doing my training, I've been using the C210K app and it's more interval training, so I don't really have the breathing down or the stamina to run continuously for 3.1 miles. However, I pushed through and did it. I ran the whole way with Kate except the last .25 miles. I was seriously having WW3 with myself in my head because my legs wanted to quit and my stomach was cramping (I forgot to eat when I got up). I didn't wave the white flag and instead pushed myself that last .10 mile when I could see the finish line.

I finished in 29.26, my worse 5K time, but it was the only 5K I had done this year.

I'm in the pink. Sweet action shot eh? Lately I realized that when I run I make a fist, but keep my thumbs up, you can kinda, sorta see it here if you tilt your head to the left, cross your eyes and hop on one foot. I like to keep people motivated by throwing everyone the double thumbs up.

Tips I learned from this run:

1. Always, always, always eat something before a run. I'm not a big breakfast person, and I brought Cliff bars for this reason. Which I forgot to eat because we were running late. I can't eat right before I run, but a good hour or so before will hold me over.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This was more of a fun run, but we had gone out the night before and all I had to drink was beer within 24 hours of this run. Not smart. It's been taking longer for my muscles to recover and my stomach was in knots and I was cramping (side/stomach) the whole run.

3. Don't wear new clothes in a race. I had a little shopping spree at Target for new socks, shorts, etc and besides the socks, it was a mistake to wear everything else without running in them before. My shorts kept riding up AND down. They have built in compression shorts which rode up, but I didn't tie the waste which slid down. My top kept riding up, so I was constantly pulling that down too.

4. Start slow. I was seriously dying at the end because I felt so good at the start, that I just took off, which I feel in the end, hurt me more than anything.

That's just a few of the things I learned that really just common sense for any runner. I'm still a beginner and learning the ropes, so help a fellow runner out and give me some tips!

I'm getting new running shoes for my birthday this weekend. What are your favorite running shoes? What do you look for when picking a shoe out?

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