Friday, August 17, 2012

It's a 'suite' life!

My dad had a suite at the Twins vs. Detroit Tigers baseball game for work, but not enough people to fill it. He offered up the open tickets to family and for his employees to bring friends. It was the perfect break in the middle of the week.

It was an afternoon game and a cool, yet sunny day. I had never been to any of the club levels in Target Field, or in any of the suites, so this was a special treat.

The suite was filled with beer, wine, hot dogs, chicken fingers and wings, macaroni and cheeses, yes, several types of macaroni, and so many other goodies and baseball staples.

The view was pretty great, you could see the whole stadium and never missed a single play on the field.

One of dad's employees name is Allison, so she was all about the Ali, Allison picture ops.

But see how I look like I have SUPER wide hips?? It's a backpack, I was relieved to figure that out. I didn't think I was that wide!

Kari and I took the opportunity to be tourist and take a glove picture.

That sucker is surprisingly slippery.

Unfortunately the Twins lost, but we were feeling like winners so we continued our day at Kierans! We ran into our cousin-in-law Tim who lives in Chicago. He was up here for work and had gone to the game. We obviously think alike because we was enjoying a cold one on Kieran's patio too!

That's not Tim. Or anyone I know for that matter.

Sometimes it's great being the only kid left when you are spending the day with your parents. I asked if mom and dad were hungry, expecting they would just say to order food at Kieran's, but they took me to Manny's!! Oh. My. Gah! Love that place!

I got to admire this lovely while in our suite.

He's dreamy.

I thought this was pretty hilarious when it popped up on my caller-id at work.

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