Thursday, August 23, 2012

Irish Fest

Over the weekend we piled into  a couple of cars and headed East, all the way to Milwaukee!

The drive took about 6 hours, but with traffic and accidents, we made it in about 7.

I got a little bored by the 5th hour so I started snapping pics...of myself.

When we got to Milwaukee we headed to Bridget's twin sisters house to unload the cars so we could head down to the festival grounds.

It was a gorgeous evening to be outside and celebrating all the Irish in me along Lake Michigan. Milwaukee's Irish Fest is I believe the largest Irish Fest in the country outside of St. Patrick's Day. It was really neat to see and hear all the people that traveled from all over the US and from Ireland and other countries to come celebrate.

When we got into the fest we met all of Bridget's family. I'm about 5'8" and I usually feel pretty tall, but good lord this girls family is tall! Not to mention her fiance and his family are all over 6'7", well, except his mom. We spent the night meeting their family and friends, drinking beer and listening to Gaelic Storm.

The second day of Irish Fest we got up, rushed out the door for the Race to Irish Fest 5K where I almost died. After the race we stopped at Altera, a coffee shop that Bridget and Andy swear has some of the best coffee ever. I'm not a big coffee fan, but they made an extra mocha frappe something, something and I said I would take it. It was delish! I also ordered a turkey club sandwich with no tomato. Got back to eat it and all they put on it was lettuce and bacon. Thank goodness for their delicious pesto spread and bacon, otherwise I would of been very disappointed.

After lunch, we chugged a couple mimosas while seven people got cleaned up with one shower, yowza! And headed back down to the festival grounds for round two.

I saved my fun green accessories for day two.

First things first, we got our beer and wandered the grounds. There was tug-of-war and a dog show.

How cute and silly is that sign? Have you ever heard of an Irish Wolfhound? Those things are massive, but are so sweet. I had never seen or heard of them before.

We checked out some Irish dancers. Sorry for the video, I was a little shaky, so if you get motion sickness, I would avoid hitting that little triangle.

Bridget had to work the Jameson tent so we spent some time up there getting our whiskey on.

This cup of liquid gold was called a Jamorita, a margarita with whiskey instead of tequila and it was to die for! I seriously think I'll be making these in the future.

Kate, Kari and I spent a couple of hours wandering the grounds, shopping, searching for food and took a ride on the sky glider. Check out the views along the way.

Seriously awesome. If you've never been to a state that borders one of the Great Lakes, I would highly suggest a trip to Duluth, Milwaukee, Door County, or Chicago.

After the sky glider trip we got dinner. Everything was something with potatoes.

(Mashed potatoes and corned beef, Mashed potatoes with pot roast stew, Pretzel stick with caramel, nuts and chocolate, Irish nachos)
We met back up with the crew and headed over to our spot from the previous night to watch Gaelic Storm again. They are a pretty cool Irish group. While waiting for things to get started we made friends with these adorable Irish dancers who taught as a couple steps.

Once the band started to play, Kari, Kate and I made our way to the front of the stage and had so much fun!

They had a confetti cannon during the encore and it was seriously awesome to be right up there in the middle of it all. The fiddler was so super preggo's, it was fun to watch her dance around and rock out with her fiddle.

I would definitely do this weekend all over again. It was so fun to get away and celebrate everything Irish!

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