Sunday, July 22, 2012

Murray's Steakhouse

Every girl needs to treat herself every now and then. I'm not the type to go spend $60 on a mani/pedi or $100 on a hot stone massage, no, I'm the girl who treats herself to a fancy schmancy steak dinner.

I had bought a Crowd Cut coupon several months ago for $50 worth of food at Murray's Steakhouse. For half the time I had it, I forgot I had it, the times I did remember, I couldn't get a reservation. The coupon was expiring so I had to use it. I tried to find someone to go drink $50 worth of wine with me, but no one could make it, so I said screw it! I'm not going to let this go to waste and I wandered over to Murray's, alone.

I found a spot at the bar where I was able to order off the full menu. I had a glass of wine since it was happy hour and I had to try and spend $50 alone.

The happy hour wine was only $5 a glass and it was a pretty tasty Cabernet.

You get complimentary garlic bread, jerky and rye chips. The garlic bread was to die for. I ordered a caesar salad and that's what they use for their croutons.

When you order ala cart you get your choice of potato for a side. For my steak I chose the 8 oz. Top Sirloin and went with the au gratin potatoes for my side. The steak was not exactly cooked as I would of liked, but the seasoning and quality of meat is still oh so delicious, I wasn't going to complain.

The last time I ordered au gratin potatoes from a restaurant, they tasted like the kind you would microwave for a minute and would be drenched in some nasty fake cheese. These on the other hand surpassed my expectations. And I'm a girl who loves her cheesy potatoes!

Yup, it was pretty delicious.

I still hadn't met my $50 so I decided on one more glass of wine and the Creme Brulee. It was so so, but when you're treating yourself to dinner, you get dessert too.

After the week I had I really needed this dinner.

Unfortunately Murray's will be closing until September to do some remodeling, but when they open, I think I will return to enjoy another yummy steak.

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