Monday, July 2, 2012


Holy Hell I think MN is on the equator now. In MN I think when it gets hot we suffer a bit more than everyone else because of the humidity. The air is thick, you can hardly breath and everything just feels damp and sticky. I don't have A/C in my apartment and was too late on getting one from management so I'm dealing without it. Trying to fall asleep last night was not happening. everything just felt wet and sticky. Good thing I rested up over the weekend.

I had a little relief over the weekend. The Man Friend had his last day at his job last week so we celebrated Friday night with dinner and drinks at Psycho Suzies, checked out the new Cowboy Jack's Downtown  and finished with a drink on Crave's rooftop.

Psycho Zombie (slushy drink that tasted like cherry Coke)
Instead of crashing at my apartment, sans A/C, we cabbed it back to his house and he let me enjoy his A/C (and cable). Saturday was another scorcher so we bummed around inside for majority of the day and headed out to the beach around 5:00 PM. Going to Lake Nakomis makes me really appreciate having a cabin on a super nice and clear/clean lake. When we were walking into Nakomis there was a diaper rolled up on the shore and I'm pretty sure some little rascals were flinging poop around. Oh, fine, it was seeweed but it looked pretty gross.

I had to take care of some things on Sunday and holy moly it was not very pleasurable. The only thing I really enjoyed was doing laundry because it's in the basement of my building and it was so nice and cool down there I was tempted to set up a cot.

I'm heading to the cabin tomorrow for the 4th of July where it's about 5-10 degress cooler than it is here in Minneapolis. It's going to be so refreshing to jump in the lake whenever I start to over heat!

Ooh! The Man Friend also fixed my computer! I no longer will have to wait until I am at work to bless you with me wonderful life events, you lucky ducks you!

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