Monday, July 30, 2012

Horse racing and new beginnings

Every Thursday at Canterbury Park in Shakopee it is Dollar Night, so the 'Man Friend' and I headed out there for some live horse racing and cheap food and drinks.

I've never been much of a gambler. I just like the dollar hot dogs and the horses. Man Friend though, he bet on every race and came out with a good payout of over $100 during one of the races...and that was the end of Man Friend...

I think that's why my emotions were so out of whack last week! Holy moses, they finally settled down. I had been thinking for a while that I needed more, and I've learned that people don't change. I made the mistake in my last relationship by not leaving when it wasn't enough, to the point where that ended horribly after nearly three years. So this time I told him what I needed and that I didn't think this was going to work. That didn't go so well. The next day he was spotted on and there was no 'fighting' for me, so I'm pretty certain I made the right move on ending that one.

Walking to work today it was hard not to burst out crying, but I look back to the weekend and the support I have and it brought a smile to my face so I know everything will be ok and my Mr. Perfect is out there waiting for me somewhere.

Saturday was an absolutely perfect day. The parents and I helped move Kari out of her downtown apartment and into an UpTown condo with Kate. Bridget and Andy moved out and Kari took their spot.

These are from her downtown apartment. I never get sick of the Minneapolis skyline, and that's only half of it, and not even it's good side. Come in off 35W and that's my favorite view of the city.

After everyone was moved into their new apartments, we all gathered at the Green Mill in UpTown, just around the corner from Kari and Kate's place for pizza, apps, beer and Millgaritas. If you have a Green Mill near you, get the Millgarita! Only $5.99 and you practically get 2.5 margs! They bring you a glass and a shaker full of the goods so you can add it as you start to get low!

Mom and Dad said their farewell and us youngins went back to Kari's for some drinks and games. We played endless rounds of 'Coffee', which I think Bridget just made up. Pretty much, one person leaves the room, you pick a verb and the person comes back and has to guess the verb by asking each person a question. It got pretty funny towards the end and with some of the verbs we picked.

August is upon us and I have a feeling with a new month good things will come. I think I'm booked every weekend in August going to the cabin with friends, my birthday and I believe a trip to Milwaukee for Irish Fest, so I say, BRING IT!!

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