Monday, June 18, 2012

Mayo + hair = Mmm

I had dreams of a big successful shopping trip over the weekend so I wanted to look my best. I searched Pinterest for hair masks  that would make the straw growing on my head look a little better. Since I didn't have much to work with I learned you can kind of combine different ingredients from different at home hair masks and it'll pretty much do the same thing. I did a mayo mask.

It was delicious. Or, at least Miley thought so. I just used 1/2 a cup of mayo, some olive oil and then slathered it on my dry hair. You are supposed to wrap your head in saran wrap but all I had was a plastic bag. Note: don't put the saran wrap or plastic bag over your face. You'll die.

Let it sit for about 20-25 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Don't rinse with hot water or with shampoo. Rinse all the gunk out first with cool water, then shampoo as normal.

Viola! Pretty hair! Normally my hair just sucks. It's super thick, naturally wavy and frizzy and just a great big ball of joy. It's been two days since I washed my hair in mayo and olive oil and it honestly does feel better. It's smooth and not frizzy. The big test was walking to work today in 400% humidity.

That's my beauty tutorial. My shopping trip was a complete disaster, although I felt cute everywhere I went! There's no longer an Aldo at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes where I found a hand bag I wanted. So I tried every other store there to find  that no one had what I wanted except for Ulta. I bought shampoo and conditioner. When Redkin is buy 2 get one, you buy 2 so you can stock up on other fun stuff! I ventured up to Albertville Outlets to go to Coach. The store was completely wiped clean. No luck there. Went to Opitz. Again, nothing. Not a single hand bag I would want to carry around. Finally, headed off to Southdale. Found a bag at H&M, however, I'm not loving it. It kind of looks like a bowling ball bag. Next time I'm just heading to MOA instead of putting 100 miles on my car to shop. I hit up all these malls and stores and all I got was shampoo/conditioner, a hand bag, one shirt and perfume. One the positive side, everything was on sale!


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