Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cabin and River's Edge

On Friday after work Kari and I headed up to the cabin. As we pulled off the interstate and on to Highway 70 we spotted a food truck! Who knew you could find one in North Eastern MN?

It was a pretty typical cabin weekend. We grilled, had fires with the neighbors, made s'mores, drank way too much beer, tanned and enjoyed a happy hour boat ride around the lake.

Wine in a koozie

I used my hard earned money I get for cleaning the office kitchen to treat the fam to some delicious Angel Food Bakery donuts.

I got a variety so we could all have a taste. We had red velvet with cream cheese frosting, white donut with chocolate and sprinkles, butterfinger donut and I can't remember exactly what kind the last one was but it had white frosting with nuts on top and it was probably my favorite.

On Sunday Kari and I had to waste some time before we could head back to Minneapolis. It was Pride weekend and the festivities take place right around both of our apartments which meant blocked streets, so we spent some time relaxing on the dock with Miley.

Happy dog!

I had to be back by mid afternoon because the Man Friend got us tickets to River's Edge Music Fest on Harriet Island. Dave Matthew's Band was the closing band for the weekend so we strapped on our flip flops and sunglasses and headed out for the festivities.

It was so hot there were a few times I thought my jeans were going to melt to my skin. Luckily, once the sun went down it really cooled off. We walked around for a bit carrying our 24 oz. $10 beers while we checked out the different stages. Flaming Lips played before Dave so we checked them out for a bit. That's a band I would love to party with!

Flaming Lips
Flaming Lips in a giant balloon crowd surfing
When we went to get our spot for DMB we were able to get pretty close without having to really fist fight elbow our way in.



 It was the fastest three hour concert I have ever been to! But remember those trusty flip flops we strapped on. Well, someones wern't so trusty. We had to make our way over to the First Aid station and had to do an emergency procedure to get these bad boys back on his feet!

Not so trusty flip flops
Man Friend and I after a day of sweating out every ounce of beer we drank and enjoying every minute of it.

Working on his smiling

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