Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cabin and River's Edge

On Friday after work Kari and I headed up to the cabin. As we pulled off the interstate and on to Highway 70 we spotted a food truck! Who knew you could find one in North Eastern MN?

It was a pretty typical cabin weekend. We grilled, had fires with the neighbors, made s'mores, drank way too much beer, tanned and enjoyed a happy hour boat ride around the lake.

Wine in a koozie

I used my hard earned money I get for cleaning the office kitchen to treat the fam to some delicious Angel Food Bakery donuts.

I got a variety so we could all have a taste. We had red velvet with cream cheese frosting, white donut with chocolate and sprinkles, butterfinger donut and I can't remember exactly what kind the last one was but it had white frosting with nuts on top and it was probably my favorite.

On Sunday Kari and I had to waste some time before we could head back to Minneapolis. It was Pride weekend and the festivities take place right around both of our apartments which meant blocked streets, so we spent some time relaxing on the dock with Miley.

Happy dog!

I had to be back by mid afternoon because the Man Friend got us tickets to River's Edge Music Fest on Harriet Island. Dave Matthew's Band was the closing band for the weekend so we strapped on our flip flops and sunglasses and headed out for the festivities.

It was so hot there were a few times I thought my jeans were going to melt to my skin. Luckily, once the sun went down it really cooled off. We walked around for a bit carrying our 24 oz. $10 beers while we checked out the different stages. Flaming Lips played before Dave so we checked them out for a bit. That's a band I would love to party with!

Flaming Lips
Flaming Lips in a giant balloon crowd surfing
When we went to get our spot for DMB we were able to get pretty close without having to really fist fight elbow our way in.



 It was the fastest three hour concert I have ever been to! But remember those trusty flip flops we strapped on. Well, someones wern't so trusty. We had to make our way over to the First Aid station and had to do an emergency procedure to get these bad boys back on his feet!

Not so trusty flip flops
Man Friend and I after a day of sweating out every ounce of beer we drank and enjoying every minute of it.

Working on his smiling

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mayo + hair = Mmm

I had dreams of a big successful shopping trip over the weekend so I wanted to look my best. I searched Pinterest for hair masks  that would make the straw growing on my head look a little better. Since I didn't have much to work with I learned you can kind of combine different ingredients from different at home hair masks and it'll pretty much do the same thing. I did a mayo mask.

It was delicious. Or, at least Miley thought so. I just used 1/2 a cup of mayo, some olive oil and then slathered it on my dry hair. You are supposed to wrap your head in saran wrap but all I had was a plastic bag. Note: don't put the saran wrap or plastic bag over your face. You'll die.

Let it sit for about 20-25 minutes, then rinse with cool water. Don't rinse with hot water or with shampoo. Rinse all the gunk out first with cool water, then shampoo as normal.

Viola! Pretty hair! Normally my hair just sucks. It's super thick, naturally wavy and frizzy and just a great big ball of joy. It's been two days since I washed my hair in mayo and olive oil and it honestly does feel better. It's smooth and not frizzy. The big test was walking to work today in 400% humidity.

That's my beauty tutorial. My shopping trip was a complete disaster, although I felt cute everywhere I went! There's no longer an Aldo at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes where I found a hand bag I wanted. So I tried every other store there to find  that no one had what I wanted except for Ulta. I bought shampoo and conditioner. When Redkin is buy 2 get one, you buy 2 so you can stock up on other fun stuff! I ventured up to Albertville Outlets to go to Coach. The store was completely wiped clean. No luck there. Went to Opitz. Again, nothing. Not a single hand bag I would want to carry around. Finally, headed off to Southdale. Found a bag at H&M, however, I'm not loving it. It kind of looks like a bowling ball bag. Next time I'm just heading to MOA instead of putting 100 miles on my car to shop. I hit up all these malls and stores and all I got was shampoo/conditioner, a hand bag, one shirt and perfume. One the positive side, everything was on sale!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Angel Food

Angel Food is a new bakery that just opened up recently by the folks that started Hell's Kitchen. No, not Gordon Ramsays Hell's Kitchen, but the original Hell's Kitchen. I have been getting emails ever since the idea for a bakery became public. I was finally out the door early enough to stop by on my way to work and check out the goodies they have. I was so close to going with the usual sprinkle donut, before I spotted the Butterfinger donut! Ooh lordy, it was so delicious!

Scarfed this sucker down so fast. This will probably be my new Friday morning treat until I try evey damn treat they have! They had a Tres Leches cupcake that looked so amazing I almost cried.

If you live in the Minneapolis area, head to Hell's Kitchen for breakfast and finish upstairs at Angel Food for dessert. Heck, even if you don't live in the area, I'm pretty sure they ship their yummy treats.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Friend Weekend

Over the weekend Kari and I had some friends up to the cabin for a little getaway. It was AMAZING! To start, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Sunny, dry and hot! The Man Friend was able to come which was great. We had never spent so much time together since we met and we never had any issues and I'm certainly not tired of seeing him.

Everyone's timing was pretty right on. As we pulled up to a stop sign just of 35W I received a text from Kari of my car. They were right behind us! When we pulled up to the cabin, Tim was there and just cracked his first beer of the weekend.

There's me and the Man in my little silver car
Friday night, Erin and Kristin joined us after dinner. We played Apples to Apples, listened to music, had a bon fire and everyone got to witness a frog commit suicide as it leaped for the birhgt flames and wasn't able to make its way out.

Saturday though, that's where the real fun begins! All the girls got up and went for a run while the boys slept in. We made breakfast sandwiches and fruit for breakfast and before we knew it, it was time to get on the boat! We took a little tour of the lake before we picked up Erin and Kristin and headed for the sandbar. In about 2.2 seconds the beer pong table was in the water and things started to get a little rowdy. At one point, we even ran out of beer so we had to make a beer run back to the cabin.

Beer pong at the sand bar!
We took lots and lots of secret shots, we danced, we had heart-to-heart conversations that you can only have after an afternoon of floating pong and floating flip cup, we swam and sang at the top of our lungs.

When we ran out of beer, again, we piled everyone back up into the boat and headed back for the cabin, with a detour at the Kotoski's. Oh, how I don't remember that pit stop. I sure hope I didn't make a fool, but then again, it's family. They know me :)

We attempted a 'too drunk to make a nice dinner' dinner, of garlic mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and pork tenderloin. My potatoes were like soup. I had no clue what I was doing, I usually rock at potatoes! After dinner some of us got a game of Boom going. If you've never played, play it! It's like beer pong + quarters on steriods! After a rowdy game of Boom, we all, once again made it out to the fire where you could see the wear and tear the day had on everyone.

I can't wait to get back up there with friends again. However, weekends like that can only happen about twice a summer. In my old age, I can't party like I used to. My liver is still hurting.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Minneapolis Love

As I've mentioned before, I'm running using the c25k app so I've been trying to find new areas to run. I haven't been down to the river yet this summer and really wanted to make my way there. It's only about 2 miles from my apartment, but there are so many street lights to maneuver that it can be just a real pain when you are trying to run. I took that challenge and after weaving up and down city blocks I made it to the Stone Arch Bridge. I will never get sick of the city view from this location.

It's going to be a scorcher this weekend with nothing but sunny skies! Heading up to the cabin this afternoon with the Man friend and some other folks for a weekend of what I believe will be complete ridiculousness...or so I hope. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Creamy Garlic Pasta

Browsing on Pinterest the other day I came across a pasta dish that looked oh so delicious. I new I had most of the ingredients at home so all I had to do was swing by Target on my walk home from work and pick up some pasta and chicken broth.

The thing I love most about this recipe is that it's a one pot meal, however I didn't read through the whole recipe so I started a pot to cook my noodles in.

Garlic, olive oil, butter
You simply start with 2 teaspoons of olive oil, 4 garlic cloves minced (I love garlic so I added an extra clove) and cook for 1-2 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of butter and mix until melted then add 1/4 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp pepper and 3 cups chicken stock and bring to a roiling boil.

Once it's boiling add the pasta. This is where I had a little problem because I added a whole box of spaghetti noodles. Angle hair seems to cook up faster and my spaghetti took longer and seemed to soak up most of the broth before the noodles were cooked so I just added the remaining cup of chicken stock. Once the noodles are cooked, reduce the heat to medium and add one cup of parmesan cheese and mix until completely melted. Turn off the heat and add 3/4 cup heavy cream and give it a few more stirs.

Final product
Adding parsley would of given it a nice pop for a picture, but I was more focused on eating the darn thing than taking a picture of it. I was pleasantly surprised with how nice and creamy the sauce was yet it didn't sit heavy in my stomach. I had an evening of sports/exercise and I was able to make it through three games at volleyball without stomach pains like most creamy sauces give me.

Oh, and like I said, I really like garlic, so in the future, I will probably add some more garlic cloves, but since I didn't know the level of garlic-ness this would have until the end, I did end up adding some garlic powder and salt.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

This weekend the Man friend and I got together and did a little patio/rooftop hopping on Sunday afternoon. With the skies clearing up and the threat of rain gone, we walked over to Brit's to enjoy the nice weather. As we were walking up, they had British flags strung over the sidewalk patio and on the rooftop. We were kind of surprised when we got upstairs and saw a stage set up and dozens of people relaxing on the grass. They were having a Diamond Jubilee Garden Party, so we decided to grab a pint and find a place on the rooftop lawn. We listened to one band play, they kind of looked like the Scooby-Doo gang, and decided that since the sun was really breaking through the clouds, we would listen to a few songs from the next band. It was pretty neat to be able to sprawl out and enjoy some live music and a cold drink.

Diamond Jubilee Garden Party at Brit's Pub
As we decided on what to do for dinner we made a quick detour at Crave to check out the rooftop and on our way there stumbled upon a restaurant that was advertising a 'Date Night' dinner special. That triggered my memory that Cafe Lurcat has a Sunday Date Night special and it just so happened to be one of the restaurants we were considering for dinner. We wandered over to Cafe Lurcat and grabbed a table on the patio. It was a perfect night to be sitting out with my Man. When our server came with the menus we asked about the Date Night special and to our surprise we each got a starter, entree, dessert and then shared a bottle of wine, all for just $50! I started with the apple, cheese and chive salad, he had the carpaccio, for entrees I had the flank steak and he had the pork, and for dessert I had a chocolate cake and he had mini donuts. We shared off each others plates and had an all around great evening.

On Saturday night I had a little girls night out at Toby Keith's in St. Louis Park and I was so excited to wear my cowboy boots out!