Friday, May 11, 2012

Week Two In Review: By Instagram

I'm only in week two of the #photoadayMay challenge, and I already failed miserably. I fell off the bandwagon a little bit, but tried to jump back on. So, here is my Week Two in Review by Instagram.

Day 4. Fun - We  won our first three games at volleyball so our team celebrated with a beer tower which was extra fun since it was the first beer tower our server has had in his serving career!

Day 5. Bird - I didn't get a picture of a bird, but I sure thought about it. I was at my parents house and there are bird and geese and ducks EVERYWHERE! Fail...

Day 6. You - I cheated and used an old picture (old as in a week old). This is me!

Day 7. Someone that inspires you - I couldn't pick just one person, but rather my whole family inspires me and on Day 7. I was able to spend the day with them celebrating my little sisters birthday.

Day 8. A smell you adore. Fail...

Day 9. Something you do everyday - This is the sidewalk infront of my apartment building. I walk it everyday.

Day 10. A favorite word. - Love.

Day 11. Kitchen - My very teeny tiny kitchen.

So, although I missed a couple of days, I hope you enjoyed my week in review by Instagram!

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