Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Review

It's official, I completely fell off the Photo-a-day Instagram challenge. That doesn't mean I didn't take any pictures, because trust me, I have been taking plenty. Here's what's been going on lately.

About two weeks ago we were all sitting around the kitchen table at the cabin when mom let out a horrific gasp and pointed out the window. Honestly, I was expecting a bear or an eagle attacking a small animal. This is what she *gasped* at! We all jumped out of our seats, grabbed our phones and cameras and ran outside. From the end of the dock you could see the whole rainbow touch down on either side of the lake. Simply breathtaking.
All Kari wanted for her birthday was a Kayak and that's exactly what she got. As soon as it was nice enough out, Kari loaded up her kayak with her life jacket and a bottle of water and headed out on the open water. Next time I think she might add SPF 50 and dad might throw in a GPS tracker. When you are that close to the water it doesn't take long to get a nice sun burn. And when you are that close to the water in a little blue boat, it's hard to find you in blue water. Let's just say dad got a tad nervous she had tipped and couldn't roll over. He took a drive to try and find her which then led to an emergency boat ride. No worries though, she was safe and upright in her little blue kayak.
The next weekend we were up celebrating Kayla's birthday. We got up to the cabin around 3:30 and since our beer was warm and mom and dad hadn't arrived yet, we thought it would be nice to stop by Whiskey Joe's for a cold beer. Lucky us we were in Wisconsin where they have Spotted Cow on tap. We indulged in some Wisconsin cheese curds as well and were able to use a Foursquare deal to get a round of drinks free! It was a perfect day to be sitting outside near water having a cold beer. However, nothing beats sitting on your own deck, or better yet, on a raft floating in the lake with a beer.
Morning run down Sand Lake Road. I love driving/running/walking down this road under the canopy of large green trees.

This was during my evening run earlier this week. I love going on runs/walks both at the cabin and in Minneapolis. The scenery is so different yet both so amazing. I consider myself pretty lucky that when I'm done with work for the day these are the places I get to run to and escape. I even added on another 20 minutes to this run. The day was just so perfect and I couldn't get a better backdrop.
During my run I stopped along a bridge in Loring Park and saw these little guys swimming through a pond. Notice the green blob in the upper right corner? That's a turtle that was swimming right along with the baby ducks.
Last night me, Kayla, Kari, Joe and Patrick all met Aunt Jane at the Weisman Museum on the U of M campus. As always I was super early so I took advantage of being on campus and the view of the city. There was a huge storm rolling in over the city (and a day later the storm is still here...)
The Weisman Art Museum. Jane is a tour guide at the Weisman and offered to take us all on a personal tour of the museum. I definitely think I could have spent a lot more time in there looking at each piece.

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