Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring is here!

Two weeks we had a snow storm where my office actually thought about closing for the day. Today, the high is supposed to reach the mid 70's and it's only supposed to continue through next week! This weather is fabulous, especially considering one of my most favorite holidays is this weekend! Yes, St. Patrick's Day is just three days away and I can't wait to celebrate!

I've been seeing someone for close to two months now and last night was the perfect night to walk to our destination. He came over around 6:30 and we walked to Loring Kitchen and Bar. They sat us inside, but they have large floor to ceiling windows that open so we were able to still enjoy some of the Spring air until it chilled down too much. After dinner we wern't sure what to do so we walked over to Nick and Eddie's for a drink. It was an interesting experience since they didn't have any beer on tap, and hardly had the fixings to make a vodka soda with lime. After our drinks at Nick and Eddie's we wandered next door to Cafe Lurcat for another drink. I love going there! We walked back and it was still so nice out! I can't wait until this weather sticks around for good and we can sit outside on the rooftops and patios!

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