Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Life's been a little busy lately, not sure with what, but I do know I haven't been home much.

When I am home, I'm trying very hard to not order out, or if I grab a drink for happy hour after work, I'll do my best to just get one glass of wine and no food so I can make dinner at home. After all, I did just drop $100 on fresh produce, meat, and all the other delicious items you need to make a balanaced meal.

With that said, I'm adding onions to more and more meals now! AND I'm actually eating them too!

I made chicken noodle soup about two weeks ago. I'm added a whole onion to the soup. The first bowl was delicious! Leftovers, not so much, I think I made too much and didn't add enough chicken stock. By the time I ate the 'soup' for lunch the next day, it was basically noodles, chicken and veggies, like a pasta salad. I made chicken sitr fry this week though and used half an onion and it's been delicious! I even went to Don Pablos for dinner on Sunday and ordered the quesadilla which had tomatoes and onion in it. I didn't pick it out! Ate it all.

Homemade chicken noodle soup
This year St. Patrick's day was on a Saturday. I went over to Kari's apartment around 12:00 and Tim and Matt were over. We started with mimosas and Domino's pizza. When Jenna came, she brought whiskey, so around 3:00 PM we started on the whiskey and salsa, queso and chips. Around 5:00 we headed out for the night. It was such an amazing day, sunny and highs in the 80's which is not typical for this time of year. We stopped at Solera to enjoy a drink on their rooftop. We all ordered Sangria, but agreed that all we could taste was whiskey. FYI, there is no whiskey in Sangria. After Solera, we headed over to Kierans where we were going to spend the remainder of our night. They had bag pipers come through several times, two tents set up outside with bars and a DJ.
Bag Pipers at Kierans
My building has had some water issues lately. I was not pleased when I came home one night to find this sign, once again, taped to the door of my building.

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