Monday, February 27, 2012

Eagles, Beer, and Bon Fires

A weekend up at the cabin is just what I needed. Kari and I arrived Friday night, a little before mom and dad showed up. When they arrived, we put away the groceries and set up two bedrooms with the new beds. It was nice to have my own bed, and not just an airmattress, but a real bed!

On Saturday, we got up, ate some breakfast, Kari and I ran into town and when we got back we started with our chore of the day, which was burning, burning and more burning!

As the fire was starting, I poured myself a glass of New Glarus Raspberry Tart and enjoyed the four wheelers zipping across the lake. It amazes me that it's the end of February and as you can see, we hardly have any snow on the ground up in Northern Wisconsin.
Uncle Paul, Jeff and Bob were up ice fishing and they caught a bullhead so they threw it out on the lake to see if an Eagle would get it. There were two bald eagles circling the dead fish and one swooped down and got the fish! You can sort of make out the eagle. 
 When mom finally came out and joined us, she thought since everyone else had their cases of beer, she would bring her case of wine. The frozen lake was the perfect place to keep our beverages cold.
 Kari and I in our cabin gear. I get a little more joy than her when it comes time to wear flanel and camoflauge.
The fire just kept getting bigger and bigger, especially when Unlce Paul pulled a couple 'Sharon's' which is ramming the fire with a wheel barrow full of wood.

Weekends like this make me so excited for summer to come. Last year we put the dock in over Mother's Day weekend and if the weather cooperates, that means we could be putting it in, in as little as two months! The water might be a bit chilly then, but it's great boat and fire weather!

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