Monday, February 27, 2012

Eagles, Beer, and Bon Fires

A weekend up at the cabin is just what I needed. Kari and I arrived Friday night, a little before mom and dad showed up. When they arrived, we put away the groceries and set up two bedrooms with the new beds. It was nice to have my own bed, and not just an airmattress, but a real bed!

On Saturday, we got up, ate some breakfast, Kari and I ran into town and when we got back we started with our chore of the day, which was burning, burning and more burning!

As the fire was starting, I poured myself a glass of New Glarus Raspberry Tart and enjoyed the four wheelers zipping across the lake. It amazes me that it's the end of February and as you can see, we hardly have any snow on the ground up in Northern Wisconsin.
Uncle Paul, Jeff and Bob were up ice fishing and they caught a bullhead so they threw it out on the lake to see if an Eagle would get it. There were two bald eagles circling the dead fish and one swooped down and got the fish! You can sort of make out the eagle. 
 When mom finally came out and joined us, she thought since everyone else had their cases of beer, she would bring her case of wine. The frozen lake was the perfect place to keep our beverages cold.
 Kari and I in our cabin gear. I get a little more joy than her when it comes time to wear flanel and camoflauge.
The fire just kept getting bigger and bigger, especially when Unlce Paul pulled a couple 'Sharon's' which is ramming the fire with a wheel barrow full of wood.

Weekends like this make me so excited for summer to come. Last year we put the dock in over Mother's Day weekend and if the weather cooperates, that means we could be putting it in, in as little as two months! The water might be a bit chilly then, but it's great boat and fire weather!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's the little things in life...

Here is a list of the little things this week that have made getting rolling out of my super comfy bed well worth it!

I got to buy home opener tickets for the Twins for myself, Kari and Dad!
I went on a roller skating date and it was fantastic!
My size 10 pants are officially falling off my butt when I walk...
Size 8's are slipping on like butter
I'm gettting a much needed (and risky) haircut
I had my first real Sunday Funday with bottomless mimosas at LK&B followed by a movie
Tomorrow after work I'm going to the cabin for the first time since Labor Day
We got real snow this week and it's still on the ground!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

Kayla, Kari and I were all able to get together with Dad for lunch today at Barrio!
Father/Daughter lunch at Barrio
When dad paid the bill we all said 'Thanks Dad' and the server chuckled and said, 'For a minute I thought you were pretty awesome!' Just a pretty awesome dad treating his three daughters to lunch!

We all work downtown and this is the first time we have all got together for lunch. Everyone agreed that we should do this monthly.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wall Art!

I decided to stay in my apartment at least through the end of summer, but I am lacking art work. My bedroom is solid white. High ceilings. White trim. BORING! Although I do love my wood floors. I think I'm going to break the rules and paint a wall or two in my bedroom, but until I get the nerve to go against my lease, I'll work on making my own art!

I found this project thanks to my new addiction to Pinterest and it brought me to Mandy's blog Sugar Bee Crafts. I was so excited when I saw this project because it looks great, it's cheap and you get to use your own pictures!
The first step was so simple! I was going through some of my favorite pictures and playing with them, seeing which I like best in black and white and then I just hopped on to Staples website and was able to send my print and select the Engineering Print. Staples called and within an hour my print was ready to pick up for only $5!
This is the picture I chose to use for this project only the final copy is in B&W.
View from our family cabin in Webster, WI

When I got the print, it's not a sharp as the picture, but I'm not too concerned about that considering it's going to be hung above my bed. I just need something to fill the big empty wall.
While I was searching for different stores that could make such a large print for a cheap price I did come across Walgreens ability to make canvas prints where an 8X10 starts at just $30. That's amazing for original artwork. I want to get these two prints in sepia tone on canvas and probably put them in my bathroom.
Sun shining through the trees at the cabin after a storm
View of the dock and fishing boat on a calm day
I went over to mom and dad's last night to do my taxes and I showed them the large print and they are pretty excited to see the final outcome. Dad even searched insulation boards at Lowes for me.

I'm hoping to have pictures of the final product this weekend!