Monday, January 30, 2012

Culinary Perfection...Almost

Over the weekend I, once again, dog sat Miley and Trixie at my parents house. They always leave some money so I can go to the grocery store and pick up some food for the weekend.

This weekend I decided to spoil myself a little since I had the space and cooking utensils to do so. I headed out to Byerly's and picked up a nice steak, a cheddar bacon stuffed potato and a bundle of asparagus.
I had never used a broiler before so I decided to just cook the steak on the stove. Tip: remember you can always add move olive oil and to just start with a little bit! I seasoned my meat, put the asparagus in a pan with some EVOO and crushed red pepper and put the potato in the oven to reheat. The meal was devine!
Delicious dinner!

While I was at Byerly's I stopped in their liquor store and there was a man offering wine tastings. I wasn't sure what I was going to get so it was nice to have a sampling of a few different wines and ask him what would go best with my meal. I decided to go with the Malbec and a white called Torrontes (similar to a Moscato). It was BOGO if you bought two Tilia brand wines, so I couldn't pass up that deal!

After dinner I hung out with this cute face for a while!

Miley Sue

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