Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I had said that I was going to try and blog at least once a week, clearly that didn't happen. Right after the New Year my computer got a virus and I was without it for a couple weeks. It's still pretty slow, so I have to take advantage of using others computers in the mean time. Hopefully this year's bonus is nice enough I can get a new computer!

I'll do a quick break down from NYE on so far in 2012.

Big Al's Pizza in LaCrosse, WI
On NYE, mom, dad, Kari and I all drove down to LaCrosse for my oldest friends wedding. I grew up with Caitlin in LaCrescent and we were pretty much inseperable until our family moved to Oklahoma. After we got checked into our hotel we walked over to Big Al's pizza where we always stop whenever we go through LaCrosse. I LOVE their pizza and the atmosphere!

After dinner we had just over an hour to get ready and over to the church. Mom and dad came to our room with drinks while Kari and I worked on our hair and make-up and took in the view from our room. We had a river view and there were lights strung up in the trees between our hotel and the river.

Of course we showed up to the church just minutes before the ceremony started. It was absolutely beautiful and Caitlin looked gorgeous. For a Catholic ceremony it went by pretty quick and we headed over to the reception at the LaCrosse Center.

When we walked into the reception you could tell it was going to be a big party. The lights were dim, music was playing, people were drinking out of light up beer mugs and champagne glasses. There wasn't a dinner but they did have different appetizer stations based off different countries. Mexican, Chinese, French, German. The main table was the French since they got engaged in Paris. They had an ice sculpture of the Eifle Tower and a champagne fountain which was delicious! To end the evening they even had a balloon drop!
Balloon Drop
Eifel Tower Ice Sculpture

Me and Kari on NYE at Caitlin's wedding
Fast forward two weeks...I won a happy hour party at Howl at the Moon which is a new piano bar in Minneapolis. Pretty much anyone and everyone that signs up for one of these parties wins, but I thought it would be a great way to get friends together after the holidays.

With December being such a busy month, I sent out an invite and asked others to invite their friends. We ended up with over 30 people in our group which allowed me to gain 'Rockstar" status! I have my own card that gets me and a guest free access and no waiting in line for a year, plus 25% off my bill!

Happy Hour party at Howl at the Moon
Bob, Sarah and Jeff came out to Howl at the Moon and came out with us for the night. It was fun to hang out with them in the city. They are a fun bunch of people, so hopefully we get to hang out with them more often.

January has been a fairly quiet month. I made a big move today which has taken a ton of weight off my shoulders. I will be 100% debt free in 2.5 years and I couldn't be more excited to finally be in this position. I know it's a ways away, but it's going to be so great going into my 30's without this worry anymore. I always thought I wouldn't be able to get out of this whole, but it's finally a reality and it's so close I can taste it!

Not a whole lot coming up here. I've been dating and actually have a third date coming up that I'm getting more excited about. You can read about my dating experience here  http://ali-matchme.blogspot.com/ . I'm hoping that in the next couple weeks, the insulation project at the cabin will be done and I can spend some time up there and check out the progress. I was so busy in the Fall that the last time I was up there was Labor Day weekend.

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