Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Friday was my 27th birthday and what a night it was. I started out the evening at dinner with my family at Pancho Villas on eat street. It's a fun little Mexican restaurant that is known for their birthday celebrations, big sombreros, large bottomless margaritas, flaming shot of coffee tequila and of course your turn at spinning the wheel!

Birthday dinner at Pancho Villas - spinning the wheel
After dinner my parents left and some friends met us for a drink, then we headed to Stella's in UpTown to meet up with a few more friends. It was a fun night meeting new people, hanging out with old friends and laughing a lot. Towards the end of the night, I even spotted Kirk whose been on the Bachelorette (Ali's season) and Bachelor Pad! He was nice enough to take a picture with the two birthday girls.

Kirk with me and Laura at Stella's
The next day I continued my birthday celebration at the Twins/Tigers game. Kari got me tickets for the game and they were the best seats so far! Unfortunately we lost, but we did have back to back homers!

Target Stadium Twins vs. Tigers

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today's is my dad's 55th birthday! He is spending the week up north at the cabin, working on the bathroom and getting the outside stained and ready for fall/winter.This weekend the whole family will be up there to celebrate with him and hear about all the things he did while no one was watching; such as climb a ladder with a running chain saw, or throw an electrical cord and/or dog leash over a dead branch to try and break it.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Kayla, Kari and I met at a Mexican/Asian fusion food truck, Vellee Deli, and lunched on quesadillas and burritos. We took our food over to the Government Plaza and gave dad a call to wish him a happy birthday! I think he was tickled that the three of us got together and all called him!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I was sitting in my living room last night thinking how much I LOVE my windows!
My living room has three large windows with white panes that open like shutters. For most of the summer I had my windows closed, the blinds drawn and the shutters locked. It was just SO hot, it was cooler having everything closed up with some fans going. Finally we are having some relief from the heat and I was able to have my windows open! There are vines that have grown over my window screens that I love. When the sun is setting, my living room gets a cool feel with the green covering my screens.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last night I went to the Twins vs. Red Sox baseball game with my friend Garrett. He has season tickets that he shares with a few of his friends so we met his friend and his brother at the game. It was a beautiful night for baseball, not too hot, just the right amount of breeze and nice blue sky with hardly a cloud to be seen. Their seats are in the left field bleachers in the third row, probably the best seats I have been in at Target Field.
During the game they announced that Ellen Degeneres was there! They did a short trivie game with her about Joe Mauer, she got all two questions correct and walked away with a lovely Twins baseball jersey! Sadly, the twins lost the game after taking the lead early in the 2nd, losing the lead in the 4th and tying the game in the 8th, by the 9th inning, they just couldn't pull through for the win.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Krsnak

On Saturday July 30, 2011, one of my best friends got married! Nikki and I have known each other for about 5 years, but when I lived in Sioux Falls, our friendship became non-existant. When I loved back to Minnesota, Nikki was one of the first people to really reach out again and we have been better friends ever since. After she got engaged, she had asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, which I honerably accepted. For months we would talk about her wedding and the planning, I couldn't believe the day was already here!

The night before the wedding, all the bridesmaids stayed at Nikki and Bens condo in Grant Park. We stayed up laughing, chatting, sipping on water and snacking on Doritos. In the morning, the hair and make-up ladies came over to the condo and one by one, each girl got her hair and make-up done...well, almost every girl. About half way through my make-up, the make-up artist got sick and had to leave to go to the hospital so I was left with half of my face done and we still had two other girls to go for make-up and only 20 minutes left to get it done before we had to head to the church. Luckily one of the hair stylists finished me up a bit and the other two girls quickly put on their own make-up with about five minutes to spare!
Emily and Jen getting their hair done

Once everyone was all ready we grabbed our dresses and headed over to the church where we met the photographers. They snapped photos as we were putting our dresses on and helped Nikki get into hers. I can't believe how quick the time flew once we got to the church. At 2:00 we headed upstairs to start the ceremony and one by one, each bridesmaid walked as slowly as she could, down the aisle to meet her groomsman at the alter, bow their head and seperate while we waited for the bride to come down the aisle! It felt like the quickest Catholic ceremony I have ever attended! After the ceremony and formal pictures were done, the wedding party gathered outside to find this!

Surprise Hummer limo from the groom. Hannah Montana joined us too!
We all loaded into the Hummer and drove around Minneapolis while drinking a few cold beers. We headed over to Gold Medal Park and the Stone Arch Bridge to take some pictures, I have no doubt that they will look amazing! When we got all the pictures we needed we headed back to the W Foshay for the cocktail hour and reception.

The reception was so much fun! The wedding party started off the evening with a little surprise to get the crowd going. We each came in to a song that the couple had chosen and danced our way around the tables to the dance floor where Nikki and Ben met us. I think it was a hit, people seemed to enjoy it, and I know that I enjoyed myself!

Jen, Ali, Nikki
We danced and danced, until the DJ had to pack up and go home. By this time, most of the guests had already retreated to their hotel rooms, but there were a few of us that didn't want this night to end quite yet. Annie, Marko, Peter and I headed over to the Rand with Andrew, Timmy and Mary for a little after party. We had a few more cocktails, took in the view of the city lights from the rooftop and finally around 5:00 AM called it a night.

Annie, Me (Wearing Marko's glasses)
It was such an amazing weekend being able to spend it celebrating the love and marriage of a couple you are so happy for!