Thursday, July 21, 2011

Terry Traen

During the year that I lived with my parents, my dad and I carpooled almost everyday to work and would listen to the KQRS morning talk show. Terry Traen quickly became one of my favorite radio personalities, the way she speaks and the words that come out of her mouth are very similar to the way I can be sometimes with a stong Minnesotan accent and a little confused with what's going on exactly. During the many mornings of listening to the show, we would hear about the different spots where the would be doing promotions and it just so happens that Terry does a lot of hers at Green Mills. Dad and I had been waiting and waiting for her to come to the Plymouth Green Mill so we could go meet her. Finally, on Tuesday, she was there! I met mom, dad and Kari at Green Mill for some pizza and beer. Dad and I went up to meet Terry and she was so nice. Dad started out the conversation saying that I broke up with a boyfriend and had to move home from South Dakota and carpooled with him everyday for a year and that's how we became fans of hers. I think she was more interested in the breaking up with the boyfriend part because that's pretty much all we talked about during the night. She mentioned her daughter also just broke up with her boyfriend of a couple years and our stories were pretty much identical.

Terry Traen, Dad, Me
While we were at Green Mill Terry was doing drawings for prizes and both me and dad won. I chose a t-shirt and he got a beer koozie that he had Terry sign. During one of her drawings she says 'If anyone knows a nice WI guy, that girl back there, Ali, in the blue dress, is single and very nice.' Not too long after that, this guy comes up to the table, dad had stepped away for a minute, and says 'Hi, you're Ali, from WI and you're single? I'm Phil, from MN and I'm drunk.' I didn't quite know what to say seeing as how my mom and sister were at the table and my dad was walking back over.

All in all it was a nice night with my family and it was fun to finally be able to meet Terry and chat with her and her daughter about guys and life. Best of all, I actually won something!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Little city, little country

This weekend was a good mix of the city and the country. I had intended on staying home so I could get some chores done and I was only going to go out on Friday. Well things changed a little.

I met Peter, Annie, Lindsey and some other people at Seven Sushi around 8:00 and from there I was going to meet a friend, Shane, for drinks around 9:30 at Kierans. It had been such a horribly stormy day so we wanted to take advantage of the rooftop since the sky was clearing up. We found an area that no one was in and made it our home for the night. With this particular spot, you had to order bottle service, so Peter so generously bought a coupke bottles of vodka for the group. Shane ended up meeting me at Seven and hanging out with our group for the night which was pretty fun. We ended up leaving Seven and headed over to 508 for a little bit. After bar close Shane and I started walking back to my place and we both had to go to the bathroom. Since I'm such a genius I suggested we stop in at The Seville Club and use theirs. $10/pp cover and we used their restroom and sat and watched the girls dance for a little bit. About 3:30 we headed back to my apartment. He passed out on the couch while I frantically 'cleaned' my apartment. During the night I had been getting text messages from our cabin neighbors Bob and Genna saying they were up there and that I should come up. Since I had been drinking I said I'd come up in the morning, even though I really shouldn't since I had so much to do at home.

Saturday morning I drove Shane back to his car, called mom and she said to come up. Especially since we are experiencing a heat wave with temperatures in the 100's! I got back to my apartment, frantically threw clothes into a bag, packed up my car and by 10:30 AM I was on the road. I was heading North on 35W when all of a sudden, traffic just stopped. Apparently there was flodding from the rain we had on Friday that closed 35W North at 694 so I sat in traffic for an hour before I got to 694. I finally made it up to the cabin after three hours in the car. The neighbors were at Terra's place tubing and skiing during the afternoon. When they got back Zach and Bob came over to check out what projects mom and dad were working on. Me and mom helped dad take out one of the bay windows and he re-sided where that was and moved the front door. After dinner I went over to the neighbors and we hung out on their dock, had a few drinks and listened to some music. When the bugs started getting bad by the water we went and made a fire with cups of gasoline and wet wood! When the bugs started to get bad by the fire, the few of us that were still up (Me, Genna, Zach and Terra) headed inside to play some card games, when one thing led to another and all of a sudden we are in their garage shot gunning beers and throwing poppers at peoples chests and backs! Genna and Tera ended up taking a walk, so it was just me and Zach. I somehow convinced him to go swimming with me. It was such a cool night because it was so hot out, a full moon and the air was so thick you couldn't see the otherside of the lake. We ended up just searching for flat rocks and trying to skip them across the lake, tossed a little mud and swam around until the bugs got too bad we had to get out and dry off. It was about 2:30 when I headed back to the cabin. Genna called to tell me that we weren't done 'Chillin the most', at that point I had to just stay in bed and get some shut eye.

It was such a fun weekend going out in Minneapolis on Friday, meeting new friends and hanging out with old ones, and going to the cabin and getting to know our neighbors a little better.

This week is the Awuatennial Torchlight parade and the Aquatennial Target fireworks.