Friday, June 10, 2011

Sun, Swim, Fish, Fire

Over the weekend I headed up to the cabin with Kayla, Joe, Porter and Miley, mom and dad met us up there Friday evening. It was the most perfect weekend to be at the cabin, well, except for the May Flies that were hatching each evening. On Friday when we got to the cabin, the door was wide open and the key was in the door, the pontoon's ties and snapped so it was barely hanging on to the deck and the two chairs that we keep at the end of the dock were somewhere in the lake! We have had contractors at the cabin working on adding a deck above the bunker and for some reason or another they left in a hurry and forgot to lock up the cabin!

Saturday was such a beautiful day! We all got up about 8:30 and enjoyed a few cups of coffee while sitting outside on the dock. The sun was shining brightly and the temperature was starting to rise. By 9:30 Joe, Kayla and myself were in the fishing boat heading out for the first trip of the day. I didn't catch anything all day except for a really bad sun burn! Who knew the sun was so strong in the morning? We went back to the cabin around 11:00 and I started raking up the weeds in the lake. It's pretty much just leaves and such that was on the ice this winter. Around noon, Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and have lunch. We all sat on the deck and mom made a cold noodle pasta dish, fruit and key lime pie. Grandma and Grandpa stayed for a few hours and chatted with mom and dad while Kayla, Joe and I went out and tried our luck at fishing again.  My fishing luck didn't turn around until Sunday morning. We went out before we headed back home and right away I caught two decent bass! I'm getting better and touching the fish and pulling out the hooks. I learned that we have 'dog fish' in our lake and people are catching them off the dock. I really hope I don't catch one, because if I do, you can bet that I'm going to throw my rod into the lake. Those fish are nasty!

Heading up to the lake tonight with Kari. Nikki and Ben are going to meet us up there in the morning. It's supposed to be a wash as far as the weather goes. High's in the 50's and cloudy/rainy, so we are planning on going to Whisky Joes to play some beer pong and hang out with the locals!

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