Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Kari and I headed up to the cabin on Friday night, and since mom and dad had a food show in Chicago, this was the first time we have been up there without parents and were able to invite friends. Friday, we dropped off the dogs at the cabin and headed over to Howl at the Moon for dinner. There's never been more than four people in there whenever I have gone there. Kevin was bar tending and warmed up to us once we told him who our parents are and that I was the girl that came in this winter and passed out on the bar. He gave us a spice blend that a guy named Bernie makes, who's a local, the spice is called Bernies Butt Blend, sounds delicious, eh? As we were leaving he asked what our names were, when Kari told him her name, he said, "Oh, kind of like kara-mara? Next time you go to one of those fancy seafood restaurants down there in the city, ask for kara-mara, I think it's squid or something?" I was pretty intrigued by this kara-mara, I had never heard of it before. Once the door to the bar closed, Kari just started cracking up, a little confused as to why, I asked her what was so funny? She said, "Kara-mara? Ali! He meant calamari!" Oh gosh, that was a good one!

Ben and Nikki came up on Saturday afternoon. We gave them the tour of the cabin and went on a little boat ride. It was a little chilly on the boat with the clouds coming and going so we just drive over to the Kotoski's to show them the cabin we spent our child hood summers at, and then drove through the sand bar and headed back. We went to Whisky Joe's for dinner that night. They have an interesting happy hour deal. Happy hour runs from 4-6, but instead of just having specials, you have to try your luck with a pull tab and you either get, 1/2 off, $.50 off, or full price. Heck, even a full price beer is only between $2-$4, so if you had to pay full price, it wasn't the end of the world. There is a separate room with some games and a beer pong table so we headed back and played a game. We decided we'd better head back to the cabin before no one could drive us back. We started a fire and had some snacks and drinks. When it got chilly, we headed inside and listened to some music, had some more drinks and chatted and played with the dogs.

Sunday was a normal day. We all got up rather early and Ben and Nikki left around 11. Kari and I stayed up and raked the weeds out of the lake, worked on the shore, and picked up the cabin.

I leave for Miami in one day and I can't wait! Mom and dad get home from Chicago tonight, so I am bringing Trixie and Miley over to their house. Thursday morning, bright and early I will be on my way to hot, sunny, MIAMI!!

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