Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Foot Loose

A couple weeks ago I started getting a horrible pain in my left foot, thinking it was just from all the walking to and from work, one mile each way, I thought nothing of it. The day before I left for Miami I was playing volleyball and the pain was really bad, and someone went up for a hit and landed smack in the middle of my foot, where the pain was the worse. When I woke up the next day there was some swelling and as the trip went on, the swelling got worse. It could of been a combination of the heat, humidity, not resting my foot, etc. All I know is I was in pain and the swelling was just getting worse so yesterday I went to the doctor, he sent me to get some xrays and today he called with the results...sprain...I was hoping that it would be something like a fracture so they could do something about the pain. All I can do now is RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate). I had to miss my volleyball game tonight and have been spending the last three days after work, stuck on my couch/bed with my poor foot up with a bag of vegetables on it, yes, vegetables, I don't have any ice trays yet. Guess that will be my next investment. I just hope that this pain and swelling goes away soon so I can enjoy the fourth of July next week up at the lake, playing in the water.

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