Friday, July 8, 2016

When Will It End?

It's been quite some time since I've come to share my thoughts and going-ons in my life. I sit here with so much to say, but not finding the right words to express my thoughts and feelings over the events that took place this week.

Thursday morning I woke up and checked my Facebook on my phone through blurry eyes still trying to wake up. The first thing I see is a video recorded just hours earlier on Wednesday evening of a local man who was shot while still buckled in to the drivers seat of his car. He was shot by a police officer who asked for his ID after being pulled over for a broken tail light. He was complying with the officers request as he reached for his wallet, he shared with the officer that he had a weapon on him but also a permit to conceal and carry. The officer shot at least four bullets in to his arm and chest, later killing him.

I think I left something out, the man that was shot was a black man. Philando Castile.

It's hard for me to wrap my head and thoughts and feelings around such senseless acts of violence towards a specific race or group. I was not raised to see color. I was raised to see people for people and treat everyone with the same kindness and respect. I have friends, colleagues and family members of different races, to me, we are just people. I even have a black Cabbage Patch doll for goodness sake.

As Police Officers, they are here to serve and protect us. Lately it doesn't feel like there is a whole lot of protecting. It's unnerving that in less than one year, there have been not one, but two high profile police shootings involving black men in Minnesota alone.

On the other hand, I've been a Minneapolis resident for several years. My bus stop after work has a lot of traffic from black people. There is also a heavy police presence, but the police have built relationships with these people. I see police and black people laughing, asking how they've been, shooting the breeze, not each other. It's a refreshing site to see after watching the news.

I fear the more of these killings of black people by police officers, the less relationships we'll see between the two, and that's not the direction we need to be going in.

I will always trust my local police force to protect and serve. I will stand by them, but I will also stand and support #BlackLivesMatter. The killings need to stop, and it can't be tit-for-tat.


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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Is This Thing On?

I wasn't sure if I'd be coming back to this little slice of the internet that's all about me and what's going on in my world. My world hasn't been very exciting, at the same time, it's been very exciting!

There's the same old dating life. Meet a guy, date a guy, guy goes away. For the very first time in my life, someone sent me flowers at work. It was exciting and I couldn't believe someone would do that for me. Two weeks later that schmuck disappeared when he believed I met someone else. I had sent him a picture of myself and my cousins six month old son that I captioned 'I met someone else!'. I guess I didn't realize I had to add 'haha', an emoji or anything else to clarify that I was not in fact dating a baby. Oh well, on to more swiping!

There's the whole, I"M AN AUNT (!!!!!) thing. Yea, that's new. I knew the day this little lady would come in to the world would be the one day I had booked in May. I had offered to babysit my cousins two boys while they went to a play and that's when little Sylvie entered the world. I can not get over how tiny new babies are. I'm so excited to watch her grow and be a part of our family.

Speaking of babies, they are everywhere right now! As of Sunday, I have a new second cousin, in just over a month I'll have another new second cousin and in about two months a good friend of mine will have her little girl! Is this the season of baby girls?!?

There's the fact that I'm moving in a week! I think I might be on track to be fully packed before the long weekend and have all but one room cleaned and ready to move!

For some ungodly reason I clicked 'register' for a half marathon in October. I think I thought it would help me stay on track to get in shape for Hawaii. So far it's just reconfirmed the fact that I am not a runner. I am going to do everything in my power to become a runner though. The race is fairly small, capped at 1,500 entrants and I do not want to come in last. Luckily for me, I live right by the lakes where this race will take place so I'm getting in plenty of evening runs. Nothing further than 3 miles yet, but that will prepare me for my 5k in July. I should murder that race, unless the hot Minneapolis Summer night heat murders me first. I'll let you know what happens...or I won't?

I think that's all that has been going on over the last two months. Here are some photos that have been hiding out on my phone. If you want the fun stuff, follow me on snapchat @alipaige01.

Prince Memorial at First Ave.
Beautiful Spring weekends up North
Ellie Goulding concert
Good 'ol Minneapolis
Miley got her Summer hair cut and first professional cut.
Try to spot the Yorkie

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Book Themed Baby Shower

I shared with you all that I'm going to become an Aunt next month and I am so incredibly excited!

The second we got the news, my little sister, mom and myself started our Pinterest shower boards. I think in general we all had a similar idea of the kind of shower we wanted to throw for my oldest sister and her little lady.

We came together and decided on a book themed baby shower, and it was so much fun to plan.

We purchased the invites from Etsy and just sent the information to fill in the invitation and we were sent a copy that we could print out ourselves along with a card stating to bring a book with a note instead of a card.

In lieu of cards, we asked that people brings books and sign them or add a little note to the baby. We had roughly 20 guests and only one duplicate book!  Some people just signed their names, a few added notes, the ones I enjoyed the most were books signed from little cousins.

I simply uploaded the invitation and card to FedEx, picked my card stock and they printed and cut everything down to size for me.

Along with the invitations we also purchased a matching banner that we hung with twine over the food table.

Decorations were kept simple with the addition of another banner that was hung in the family room with new outfits mixed with old clothes that my grandmother wore when she was a baby.

My mom kept our books from childhood so we had small stacks of books wrapped in twine that were set on coffee tables as well.

When the guests walked in we had a non alcoholic punch available along with wine, prosecco, orange juice and cranberry juice.

I mentioned this was a book themed party, and this is really where it all ties in, all of our food was inspired by children's books.
Cheese plate - The Stinky Cheese Man
Vegetable cups - Peter Rabbit

Fruit skewers - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
For the main meal we served:
Deviled eggs - Humpty Dumpty
Chicken salad sandwiches - Chicken Little
Spinach salad - Popeye
Broccoli & ham and salmon & capers quiche - Green Eggs and Ham
Cheesy hashbrown potatoes - The Potato People

And for dessert:
Madeline's - Madeline
Chocolate cake - Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake

When it was time to open gifts we played a game that kept everyone involved. This usually seems to be the time during showers where people lose focus, especially if you don't have your own kids, so we played Bingo (print out from etsy)!

Everyone received a card and marked off gifts as they were opened. There was a wide selection of cards, I don't believe any two people had the same one. It really kept everyone engaged and interested in the gift opening.

We also played the 'Don't Say Baby' game during the shower.

When it was time for people to leave, they were given book worms to take home with them! 

The shower went off without a hitch. It was fun to be on the other end of attending a shower by being the host.. Hopefully I'll be able to do more of this as the years go by.

A book themed shower is such a fun idea that you could do for any gender baby shower and use your favorite books to come up with the menu and drinks!

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Bowling, Baby Shower & Bike Rides

This weekend was jam packed with fun activities. It started with a little bowling on Thursday night.

 I was doing so well the first game and unfortunately lost by one pin. The second game was a total flop for me. I feel like I usually represent a bit better in my bowling game.

A lot of you don't know this, but next month I'm officially becoming Auntie Ali! This weekend my mom, little sister and I threw my older sister a book themed baby shower. Friday afternoon we spent decorating and prepping the food for the next day.

It was so much fun to be able to plan and throw a shower with and for family. I'll share what we did and what we served in a later post, but for now, here's a sneak peak.

When the baby shower wrapped up and the dishes were washed and packed, a few friends came over to watch some basketball and play a new-to-me card game called Utter Non-sense. It's similar to Cards Against Humanity except this game, the card is an accent and the person who's turn it is has to choose who did the best accent. I did not fare so well in this game, but I did win one round with my Mexican accent and this card.

Sunday was a gorgeous day so I mustered up the strength to join a friend on a bike ride adventure. My bike and I usually stick to the trails in Minneapolis but we finally made it on to some city streets. We biked from UpTown all the way to the Surly Brewery for a couple cold ones. I had not been to the new Surly location and it is very impressive. On the way back we stopped at Fulton since it was on the way. Round trip I believe was around 16 miles. Let me tell you, I was pooped after that, especially fighting the wind on the ride home!

Sunday also brought an exciting moment to my little Etsy shop - another purchase all the way from New England! Don't delay, get your shirts today!

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